Cllr Graham Bull

Executive Leader, Cllr Graham Bull

On 23 May members of Huntingdonshire District Council made a number of appointments, including electing the chairman and executive leader of the council.

The appointments were made at the annual council meeting following Huntingdonshire District Council’s first ‘all out’ whole council election since 2004, which saw 26 new councillors out of a total of 52 elected to serve their wards for a four-year term.

Cllr Richard West was re-elected to serve a second one-year term as chairman of the district council, while Cllr John Davies was elected as vice-chairman. Cllr Davies has taken over this role from former Cllr Robin Carter, who did not stand for re-election, having served on Huntingdonshire District Council since 2012.

After his election to chairman, Cllr West said: "I would first like to thank Cllr Carter, both for the unstinting support he has given me as deputy chairman over the past year and for all he has done as a district councillor throughout his six years on the council. I would also like to thank members and officers for their support during my first year as chairman and to thank members for re-electing me for a second term. I now very much look forward to the opportunity of continuing my work in the role as chairman and working with Vice-Chairman Cllr Davies."

Cllr Graham Bull was re-elected as executive leader of the district council, with Cllr Ryan Fuller re-elected as deputy executive leader. Following his election, Cllr Bull said: "It is a great honour to be elected executive leader of the district council and I would like to thank members for their confidence in me. I was born and bred in Huntingdonshire so it gives me a sense of great pride to represent the district in this way. Thank you."

Welcoming the 26 new district councillors to their first council meeting, Cllr Bull added: "All here in the chamber, regardless of political group, are responsible to the people of Huntingdonshire; to protect and promote the interests of all of its residents. Despite the many challenges we will no doubt face, I am confident that, together, Huntingdonshire District Council can be agile and responsive in its delivery of services to residents, providing them with a good place to live, work, and play."

The council meeting also saw a newly appointed cabinet confirmed and the election of members to the district council’s various committees and panels. A full list of the appointments can be found on our website.