A Parking Vision, which focuses on the sustainable growth of our market towns and villages, was approved at Huntingdonshire District Council’s cabinet meeting this week (12 October). Developed by members of the council’s Parking Task and Finish Group, and based on the high level results of the recent Car Parking User Survey, it will inform and provide clear direction as the group continues to develop a clear, evidence-based Strategy for Car Parking across the district.

The Parking Vision states:

"Huntingdonshire District Council will support the sustainability and growth of its town and villages through the provision of convenient, easily accessible car park locations that focus on achieving our core priorities of:

  • Providing and delivering security and safety for our users
  • Providing and delivering clean and well maintained parking places
  • Implementing technology that positively assists our car park users
  • Promoting environmental sustainability by supporting alternative fuel and travel methods."

Now this Vision has been agreed, the Task and Finish Group will develop an evidence-based Strategy, using the recent results of the Parking User Survey, analysis of current use, projections for future housing demand and cost analysis.

Cllr Jim White, Executive Councillor for Operations, said: "Parking is central to supporting the continued economic growth and vitality of our market towns and our district as a whole. We are still in the early stages of our parking review, but now a Vision has been agreed, we can begin work on developing a Strategy with all the evidence we have gathered. Once we have a Strategic Plan in place next year, we can then look at enhanced car parking options, that properly reflect the needs of our district and support continued economic growth out to 2030."