The Building Regulations are separate to planning permission and most building work requires Building Regulations approval.

Our Building Control team can provide advice and is responsible for ensuring that your plans and works comply with the Building Regulations.

Meeting the requirements of the Building Regulations is the responsibility of the person carrying out the building work and, if they are not the same person, the owner of the building.

Some building and domestic works are exempt from Building Regulations - see the list of work exempt from building regulations for more information.

Check If Building Regulations Approval Is Needed

The Planning Portal has detailed information about Building Regulations and when you need approval.

You can also find links to other information which may be helpful on the Useful Guidance page

Apply for Building Regulations approval

Building Notice application

This application can be used for all domestic works, large and small, and does not require full plans to be submitted. This application is best suited if you need to get work underway quickly or do not want to have full plans drawn up.

There are specific situations where this type of application cannot be used, such as work that will be built close to or over the top of rain water and foul drains, or if a new building will front onto a private street. See the Planning Portal’s Building Notice page for more information.

The fees for a Building Notice application are more expensive than a Full Plans application because officers will usually need to spend more time on site, as there are no full plans available to view. Fees for Building Notice applications are non-refundable and are payable when the application is submitted.

Full Plans application

This application is for all work not covered by a Building Notice application. It requires full plans and construction details to be submitted. See the Planning Portal’s Full Plans page for more information.

The fee for the application is paid in two instalments - an initial fee when the application is submitted and the remainder will be invoiced to you when the work starts.

Submit Full Plans Application Online

Regularisation application

This application is for works that were carried out on or after 11 November 1985 but do not have Building Regulations approval. See the Planning Portal’s Regularisation page for more information. Fees for regularisation applications are non-refundable and are payable when the application is submitted.

Submit Regularisation Application Online
Download Regularisation Application


All Building Regulation applications are subject to fees.

View Our Fees and Charges

New building control fees

We have brought together the Building Control services covering Huntingdonshire, Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire to form a 3C Shared Services Building Control. The service is still owned by the three councils and staffed by the same trusted team of surveyors who you know, but by working together we will be able to create a more resilient service for the future.

A new single set of fees will now apply to the whole of the 3C area from 4 April 2016. For some types of work the fees have changed, whilst other items remain at the level they have been since 2010. We believe our fees are fair and good value for money. We remain absolutely committed to provide excellent value with a local and highly trusted service.

If your project or work does not fit into one of the categories listed or you want to discuss any charges, please contact us on 01480 388455 or 01480 388494.

Site inspections

You can request a site inspection via text on 07810 637648. Text us the site address, the inspection type and the day required. You will receive a text confirmation .

You can also:

If requests for site inspections are received by 10am, you can generally expect an inspection on the same day.