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Huntingdonshire District Council is inviting residents across the district to have their say on local services as the council looks to plan and prioritise services that are important to people given rising costs and financial pressures.

From parks and open spaces to bin collections and planning, Huntingdonshire District Council is responsible for delivering a vast range of services in the community. As well as gathering opinion on how well services are run, the survey seeks to understand overall satisfaction levels and whether residents feel they receive value for money.

The council will use the information to inform its budget setting process as it works to develop proposals for 2023/24 and beyond.

Cllr Brett Mickelburgh, Executive Councillor for Finance, said: "Like all councils across the country we are facing financial challenges. Over the next four years we need to find ways to save money or generate income as rising costs and inflation are combined with cuts in government grants that mean we could have a £3 million gap in our finances.

"We are required to run a balanced budget which means that there may be some very difficult decisions ahead of us and we may be forced to scale our ambitions to meet our funds.

"To ensure we prioritise correctly it is important that we understand your personal experience of Huntingdonshire's services as this will help us to work towards a better, greener, fairer Huntingdonshire.

"By sharing your thoughts with us you will be shaping how we plan for the policies and priorities for Huntingdonshire's future."

View the survey

The survey is open until 30 November 2022.