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Huntingdonshire District Council manages a Sustainable Communities Business Pledge award that encourages businesses across the district to take action to become more sustainable.

The project is being used to create a cleaner, safer, and more welcoming environment through business areas within the district. Due to the nature of the scheme, there are likely to be positive, wider community impacts.

These could include increased levels of happiness and well-being from improved, greener local environments, increased education and environmental awareness amongst employees and customers, and a greater feeling of ownership and responsibility of the surrounding areas leading to overall positive behavioural change.

Studies show that businesses located in cleaner areas receive a higher level of footfall, as consumers perceive the area to be safer and more welcoming and the business to be more reputable.

Executive Councillor for Operations, Cllr Simone Taylor, said: "We have some great businesses already signed up to the Sustainable Communities Business Pledge, making changes to create a more sustainable world. However, we all could and should be doing more, and our team have the capacity to support more businesses to make these positive changes and develop their sustainable journey."

The Sustainable Communities Business Pledge is free of charge and easy to access. Complete a short online form and the team will be in contact to organise a date to complete the audit at your convenience. Once all elements of the tier are complete, you will have successfully completed that tier of the pledge and starting your journey to becoming a more sustainable business.

Find out more and to sign up for the scheme.