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Bins & Waste

Changes to Disposal of Food Waste

From 1 April 2024 food waste will no longer be accepted as part of the garden waste collections. By law we cannot charge for the collection of food waste and now that the garden waste service is moving over to a chargeable service, food waste has to be excluded. Any food waste you have will have to be placed in the grey bin. Find out more on the Food Waste page.

Anyone with a current garden bin who doesn't want to subscribe to the service will keep their bin until July 2024. This is because we want to minimise the impact on residents and the situation where we collect unwanted bins and then re-issue them if people change their minds.

Please note that only empty garden bins will be collected and removed so do not fill them. Please also be aware that if you decide to subscribe to the scheme after your bin is removed you will need to pay the subscription price and the cost of having another garden bin delivered to you.

Home composting is the most environmentally friendly way of dealing with garden waste. To
buy a subsidised compost bin, visit Get Composting or call 0800 316 4454.

Cambridgeshire County Council household recycling centres in Bluntisham, Alconbury and St Neots take household garden waste materials. See their website for details and opening times.

We have worked on some free community garden waste collections including a Freighter Service and community bins for local parishes. You can find details of these and locations on the Garden Waste Initiatives page.

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