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This page is for new applicants. If you are renewing a licence that is currently valid, please go to the renewal page.

Key information

  • You should first check the Planning Portal to see if you need planning permission to operate from your proposed premises. This applies to both commercial address and residential properties

  • The use of the word 'Taxi' or 'Cab' cannot be used in the trading name

  • We encourage all applicants to read over the current legislation and guidance around General Data Protection Regulation.

Documents needed as part of the application

To apply for an Operator Licence, you will need to complete and submit the following documentation:

  • HDC Application Form

  • Liability Insurance - if providing a waiting area

  • Safeguarding Certificate

  • Tax Share Code

  • Basic DBS

  • Right to Work

  • proof of right to occupy the premises if classed as non-domestic

  • provide proof of registration with the Information Commissioner's Office for data protection.

Please see below for further information on specific points.

You are required to fully complete the HDC Operator Application.

Following changes to the taxi policy, all private hire operators are required to undertake a safeguarding course before a licence is granted.

Details of the 2 approved courses are Blue Lamp Safeguarding or High Speed Training Safeguarding

Following new guidance, you are now required to provide a HMRC share code regarding your tax status.

On the DBS Update Service:

If you have a suitable Enhanced DBS certificate registered with the DBS update service, you must provide the original certificate to allow us to check the online records.

Not on the DBS Update Service:

If you do not have a registered DBS, then you will be required to apply for a basic DBS. This Basic DBS must be submitted no more than 3 months from issue.

You must be able to prove you have the right to work in the UK. The Immigration Act 2016 requires us to check the status of all new applicants.

In line with the current changes, we no longer accept Biometric Residence permit cards. You will be required to obtain a Share Code and provide to this authority to allow the right to work check to be made.

Operators must provide proof to occupy a premises if classed as non-domestic. This can be a signed letter or email from the owner.

Operators must provide proof of registration with the Information Commissioners Office for Data Protection.

If you have not registered, please visit their website to register.

Submit your application

Once you have completed the above, please email your documents to

Alternatively post your documents to: Licensing Department, Huntingdonshire District Council, Pathfinder House, St Mary's Street, Huntingdon, PE29 3TN

We will then contact you to arrange a time for a licensing officer to inspection the operating premises.


Please see the Fees page.