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Godmanchester Mill Steps


What is the Godmanchester Mill Steps project?

In June 2021, construction will start on a long-anticipated project to improve a section of river frontage at the Mill Steps in Godmanchester, as part of an ecological project to improve fish and eel migration along the Great Ouse.

The project will see the installation of a fish pass along with improvement works around the former mill site and its river frontage.

Bringing environmental, ecological and community benefits, as well as an interesting history, it is hoped that the completion of the project will encourage both local residents and visitors from further afield to this newly enhanced green space, contributing to enhanced health and wellbeing benefits for all.

The vision of the Mill Steps is presented in this artist's impression. Softer, naturalised landscape will be created when the vast areas of broken concrete and steel fencing are replaced by new fencing and broad sections of new planting. Native and specially chosen drought-resistant species will feature; alongside new bat boxes, additional nesting zones for birds, and information boards to both educate visitors, and further encourage relaxation.

The project will benefit…

  • The local community by providing safe and easy access to river frontage, and a brand new space for recreation and leisure.
  • Visitors to the town interested in finding out more about this site of historic interest, or discovering more about the new fish pass and its ecological and environmental benefits.
  • Fish and eels migrating along the Great Ouse, now able to migrate freely upstream and downstream of Godmanchester, gaining access to an additional 100km of the Great Ouse out to the sea at Kings Lynn.

Where is the Mill Steps project taking place?

The Mill Steps are located close to the former site of Godmanchester Mill – situated between Post Street Car Park and Watermeadows.

Post Street Car Park is positioned on the left, the Mill Steps are on the right

Post Street Car Park is positioned on the left, the Mill Steps can be seen on the right

Please note that Post Street Car Park will be closed from the end of May during the construction phase of the project.

Who is leading the project?

The project is being led by Huntingdonshire District Council and delivered in collaboration with a number of project partners including the Environment Agency, Highways England A428/A14 Legacy Fund, Godmanchester Town Council and Godmanchester in Bloom.

HDC is working closely with Godmanchester Town Council and a working group, Godmanchester Community Liaison Group, which includes representatives from Godmanchester in Bloom, the Community Association, adjacent landowners, the Godmanchester Museum and the Ouse Valley Trust.

How is the project being funded?

The £470,000 project has been jointly funded by Huntingdonshire District Council, the Environment Agency, Highways England A428/A14 Legacy Fund and Godmanchester Town Council. The £200,000 funding contributed by Huntingdonshire District Council is derived from a Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL).

When will the project be finished?

Work was due to be completed in September. Unfortunately, the project has been affected by the same issues affecting much of the construction sector - supply chain issues and difficulties obtaining building materials.

While we wait for the materials we need to complete this project, as of September 2021, Breheny's compound has been closed down and the car park reopened.

The delay to the completion of the project is disappointing for everyone, but rest assured that it is temporary. As soon as we take delivery of the materials we need, we will be back to finish creating this beautiful green space for you to unwind and connect with nature.

Where can I find out more about the project?

Project updates will be shared both here and through HDC’s social media profiles including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

You can also visit the image gallery and News page.