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Bins & Waste

We would love your support in keeping our district litter free and a wonderful place to live, work and visit. We currently spend almost £1 million a year clearing up litter - money which could be spent on other essential services and exciting projects within your community.

We are proud to recognise and support the large number of active community groups, schools and businesses who carry out litter picks and events in their local area. To support this, we can loan you the equipment you need (grabbers and bags) and pick up the litter you collect, free of charge.

How do I organise a community litter pick?

1. Let us know

Fill in the online form below. You will need to let us know:

  • your name and contact details
  • the date and location of the litter pick (please make sure you have received relevant permission if your litter pick is on public/private land)
  • the estimated number of participants (this can be updated closer to the time)
  • when you want to pick up and drop off your equipment 
  • when and where you want us to collect the litter.
Community Litter Pick Online Form

2. Advertise

Once you have confirmed a date you can advertise and organise your community litter pick with friends and on social media. 

3. Collect your equipment

Collect your equipment from our offices at Eastfield House, Huntingdon. When you pick up your equipment we'll ask you to sign a disclaimer on its use.

4. Litter pick

Involve your community in a litter pick - have fun!

Please remember to follow the litter picking safety checklist and report any issues to us.

5. Confirm litter collection

After your litter pick please call us on 01480 388388 and let us know the exact quantity of bags for us to collect. Please also let us know if there are any additional objects which could not fit into bags. We aim to pick up the bags within three working days.

6. Return you equipment

Drop off your equipment at Eastfield House and sign to confirm it has been returned. Please let us know if any items are missing or damaged.

How much notice do you need?

You must arrange your litter pick in advance.

Please give us a minimum of two weeks' notice so we can avoid clashes in dates and to coordinate with national campaigns. 

Large events

We can help support larger clean-up events if resources allow. It is important to contact us as early as possible about such events to discuss any special arrangements - we recommend a minimum of one month in advance.

Risk assessments

We advise you to carry out a risk assessment before your community litter pick and take all safety precautions, including those in our litter picking safety checklist.

We have created an example risk assessment [PDF, 95Kb] which you can use to assess your chosen litter pick location.