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Bins & Waste

The Waste Minimisation team is here to help you reduce the amount of waste you produce, as well as offer advice and tips on working your way up the waste hierarchy with the products and materials that you use.Waste Hierarchy

Hunts Waste Busters

Hunts Waste Busters Logo

For those passionate individuals, we have started a voluntary Hunts Waste Busters group, where ideas and projects can be shared and developed to help spread the waste minimisation word. Hunts Waste Busters started in January 2021, the group has already helped to develop social media plans and increased followers on the various social media platforms, as well as growing our coverage through local publications and with local community groups.

If you would like to get involved, please email




View our educational resources page for information and fun educational packs on waste minimisation for children aged from reception to Key Stage 3.

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