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Vehicle licensing

New procedure for testing and plating vehicles

A new system for the testing and issuing of vehicle plates and licences came into force on 19 November 2018.

From this date all new and existing licences will be required to contact our approved garage directly to book the vehicle for a test before an application can be made.

Once the vehicle has passed the Certificate of Compliance (CoC) the garage will submit your application and documents for verification at our offices in Pathfinder House, Huntingdon.

Requirements to obtain a vehicle licence when attending the vehicle test:

  • the completed application form (please note that the operator details should be completed and signed by the operator)

  • registration document (log book/V5 document) or S10 of the V5 document

  • insurance certificate with appropriate level of cover for the private hire use

  • a Certificate of Compliance pass certificate issued within one calendar month of the date of presentation

  • a valid Huntingdonshire private hire/hackney carriage drivers badge.

Failure to take the correct documents (originals only) will result in the test being void and all fees will be forfeited.

In line with MOT standards, you are permitted to take your vehicle to be licensed up to one calendar month before the expiry of your plate without losing any remaining period on your vehicle licence.

When collecting your new plate you must return the old plate before a new one can be issued (renewals only).

You may also wish to view the flowchart for vehicle applications [PDF, 0.4MB]

Frequently Asked Questions

The current process is restrictive in that we only book 4 tests per day between 9.30am and 2pm. The new system will allow better flexibility for the driver and garage to arrange mutually convenient test times, which may include Saturdays.

No - we will only accept an application once all the paperwork is in place. This includes a Certificate of Compliance (CoC).

Any application made after the expiry date of the HDC licence will be treated as a new application and must meet all current conditions for a new vehicle.

If this happens then you will have lost your grandfather rights to a saloon hackney carriage.

You must take:

  • the completed vehicle application form 
  • the V5 document (log book) or S10 new owner details slip
  • valid insurance document with cover for the type of licence to be applied for.

The garage will adopt the new DVSA procedures for retesting standard MOT vehicles as identified on the GOV.UK website.

Hackney carriage and private hire vehicles are licensed to offer a public service and therefore a standard higher than the normal MOT has been adopted by this authority. Matters that may be advisory under the current MOT are likely to be a failure under the CoC scheme.

A standard MOT is not valid for an application for a new vehicle licence, therefore a CoC must be obtained prior to submitting an application.

You will need to contact the garage to have a replacement CoC issued in your name. There will be a small additional charge for this.

A CoC is issued for a 12 month period, the same as an MOT

Any change of vehicle at any time constitutes a new licence and a Certificate of Compliance will be required.

No. The vehicle must be shown to be fit for licensing at the time of issuing the licence. Therefore a new CoC will be required in all cases.

Yes. After you have obtained the CoC and submitted the documents you will be required to visit the office to collect and pay for your plate.

Yes. You can take the vehicle for testing up to one calendar month before the expiry of the existing CoC certificate. But you must take the existing certificate otherwise any new certificate will only be issued from the date of test.

You must allow 3 working days for us to check and process the application. You may then collect and make payment at our reception desk.

It is entirely your responsibility to ensure that you take the vehicle for testing in plenty of time to ensure you can submit an application before the current licence expires.

Applications received at Huntingdonshire District Council will be treated as a new application and must meet the current conditions of licensing for new vehicles.

We review our testing procedures on a regular basis and have an approved tendering process to adopt an approved garage. The next tendering process is due in 2019.

All complaints regarding the MOT element of the test must be directed to the DVSA, who will liaise with HDC. (Complaints regarding the CoC part of the test will be dealt with by HDC).

No. You may take your vehicle to any garage to get the repair work carried out and return to the registered garage, but the garage may charge for a retest in line with the normal MOT rules and up to the full CoC fee at their discretion.

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Test Fee (£)
Garage test - hackney carriage 60.50 (inc. meter test)
Hackney carriage meter test 15
Garage test - private hire and hackney carriage saloon 45.50
Re-test 45.50

The fee for the test is paid directly to the garage at the time of making the booking

The garage has the right to cancel the appointment if you are late.

Once the vehicle has passed the test and all the documents and forms have been submitted in time and correctly, the Licensing team will contact you to advise that the plate is ready for collection and arrange payment.

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Vehicle licences (valid 1 year) Cost (£)
Private hire - initial grant 256
Private hire - renewal 195
Hackney carriage - initial grant 256
Hackney carriage - renewal 195
Please remember our appointed garage(s) will be expected to adopt high standards in the interest of public safety and comfort. Please read the Certificate of Compliance Explanatory Guidance carefully before submitting your vehicle for any test or inspection.

Any insurance replacement vehicle will be treated as a new application and will be issued with its own licence number and plate. This means that the vehicle presented for licensing MUST comply with the conditions of licensing, particularly in respect of hackney carriage saloon vehicles with cherished hackney carriage plates, replacement vehicles will need to be wheelchair accessible.