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Streets & Parking

Shared CCTV Scheme

We are in a Shared Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Scheme with Cambridge City Council.

Our aim is to prevent crime and anti-social behaviour, provide residents and businesses with protection and make the district a safer place to live, work and visit.

The scheme:

  • monitors over 250 cameras across Cambridgeshire, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from a central Shared Service control room in Huntingdon

  • covers street cameras in Cambridge City, the town centres of Huntingdon, Godmanchester, Ramsey, St Ives, St Neots and Yaxley as well as civic and other buildings, parks and car parks, and flood defence cameras

  • captures recorded digital images for up to 31 days(then automatically overwrites) and manages the data handling process to GDPR and evidence requirements

  • works closely with Huntingdonshire Business Against Crime (HBAC) and Cambridge Business Against Crime (CAMBAC) who coordinate retailers and traders to combat crime and anti-social behaviour in town centres using retail/Pubwatch radio and police intelligence sharing partnership

  • provides remote live and recorded data streaming access to Cambridgeshire police to enhance crime prevention and detection and coordinate incident management in areas of CCTV coverage

  • provides secure access to live video data of client's cameras such as Parking and Leisure Services.

Camera locations

View CCTV camera locations [PDF, 0.4MB]

To view a list of all Camera Locations in the area, click on the "" icon at the top left of the map.

Click on the "" icon at the top right to open in Google Maps and get directions. 

Hawk Eye reports

The CCTV Shared Service produces and publishes quarterly reports to keep residents up-to-date with the latest figures and statistics. The reports highlight cases of prosecution as a result of direct assistance from the service, top-line service performance, incident highlights, camera performance and comparisons with previous quarters.

Annual Performance Reviews



How we manage CCTV records

All video data is recorded onto digital hard drives and kept for up to 31 days and automatically overwritten unless downloaded for permitted purposes. During this time police or other statutory prosecuting or investigative agencies may apply for release of unredacted recorded data for permitted purposes.

Live streaming data is securely provided to police and other users for permitted purposes such as crime prevention, emergency incident management and the protection of property and public and staff safety.

All data is to GDPR and data protection standards and able to be used in evidence as and if required.

How you can request copies of data

Third parties

Organisations and agencies, such as insurance companies and solicitors, may apply for access to recorded data for permitted purposes on behalf of their clients. This will entail completion of the Data Handling Request Form that will be supplied and proof of client and company.

Release of such data is considered on a request by request basis and only in accordance with GDPR and other legislative requirements.

There is a fee of at least £100 and this will be calculated based on the data handling resource required.

Organisations wishing to apply for such data should initially do so by emailing the service at

Police or other statutory prosecuting agencies are to submit request to view data via the separate email


If you want to request CCTV footage in relation to damage to your car or property, then please report the incident to your insurance company and/or the police. They will then obtain the relevant footage as per the third parties section above. They have a statutory right to investigate and receive all data relevant to the investigation, including that of other data subjects etc.

Data Subject Access is a route to request only your personal data that we may hold on you, and in the case of recorded CCTV that would be your potential image only, nothing else.

Subject Access does NOT permit you to receive other peoples' personal data, such as their images or vehicles etc, so should not be used for this purpose. You should contact the police or your insurance company who have that right to investigate and view all relevant data on your behalf.

If you are an individual who wants to request CCTV images of yourself only, then you should make a Subject Access Request by email to the current Shared Services Manager

Once received, we will review your request and respond to you, either setting out the steps we are going to take to make the date available or the reasons for refusal.

How do I make a complaint?

You can make a complaint about the Shared Service CCTV Scheme by emailing where it will be logged and handled in accordance with our complaints policy.

Alternatively you can put your complaint in writing to:

Head of Community
Huntingdonshire District Council
Pathfinder House
St. Mary's Street
PE29 3TN