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Council & Democracy

Our approach to equalities and how we meet legal requirements under the Equality Act 2010 are explained on this page.

Our commitment

We are committed to providing equality in our policy-making, service delivery and employment.

We currently set out our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion in our Corporate Plan [PDF, 0.2MB], particularly through the people, place, becoming a more efficient and effective council and becoming a more customer focused organisation priorities. Our Corporate Plan provides a clear direction for what we are doing and why we are doing it.

It sets out what we aim to achieve in addition to the provision of core statutory services and also provides the framework for evaluating the council's performance. We are currently working on refreshing our equality objectives which will show how we will meet the aims of the General and Specific Equality Duty during the period 2021-25.

Equality objectives

Our annual equality report and action plan will set out our broad objectives.

Equality impact assessments (EIA)

We use EIAs to ensure that all policy, projects and schemes do not discriminate against anyone. 

View completed EIAs

Equalities profile

View Equalities Profile of Huntingdonshire.