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91,255 hectares (source: Office for National Statistics)


The latest (mid-2023) population estimate for Huntingdonshire is 186,070 (source: mid-2023 population estimates, Office for National Statistics).

The latest (mid-2022) population estimates for Huntingdonshire's market towns are:

  • Huntingdon - 25,680

  • Ramsey - 8,880 (note: this is for the Ramsey parish so includes the Ramsey villages) The latest population estimate for the Ramsey town built-up area, excluding Ramsey villages, is 5,730 from the 2021 Census)

  • St Ives - 17,040

  • St Neots - 33,660

These estimates are rounded to the nearest 10 people and are based on best-fitting from lower-level geographies so may not match parish boundaries exactly. No official parish level estimates have been published for mid-2022 but these have been calculated in the same way that the Office for National Statistics calculates parish level estimates.