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What does the forum do?

The Huntingdonshire Disability Sports Forum has the following aims and objectives:

  • to raise awareness of sporting opportunities available for disabled people within the community

  • to improve current provision for disabled sport by introducing new activities to the area

  • to work with local mainstream organisers of sport on improving coaching and facility provision for disabled sport across Huntingdonshire (ie local clubs and centres)

  • to encourage and advise local people about the best way to become involved with disabled sports and activities

  • to explore avenues and apply for grant funding for sporting activities for disabled people across Huntingdonshire

  • to promote and raise the profile of sports for disabled people.

Who is in the forum?

The forum is a voluntary group and is made up of:

  • service users

  • local, club and national governing body representatives

  • sports development officers

  • teachers

  • members of social services

  • members of other voluntary organisations.

The forum is currently under review and is actively looking for new members or contributors. Please get in touch with Active Lifestyles at if you are interested in joining for forum or would like more information.