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Brampton Angling Society

Fishing is co-ordinated by Brampton Angling Society, a small fishing club which formed in 1938. New members are welcome and season tickets can be purchased from:

Stanjay Tackle, 7 Old Court Hall, Godmanchester.

View more information on their website Brampton Angling Society.

All anglers require a valid Environment Agency rod licence to go fishing. View information about getting a licence.

Where can you fish at Hinchingbrooke Country Park?

Brampton Angling Society members can fish in the highlighted pink areas only on the Main Lake shown on this map.

Fishing area map

Pedestrian access for fishing is either via the entrance to the park off the B1514 in Huntingdon, opposite Bromholme Lane.

Or the country park has a pay and display car park (turn left at the roundabout on Hinchingbrooke Park Road). Disabled parking is available at the Countryside Centre (Visitor Centre).

The Main Lake

The lake is not stocked with fish but the main species present are bream, carp, perch, pike, roach, rudd and tench. Carp and pike are the biggest species and both grow up to 25lbs in weight.

Please remember:

  • Only members of Brampton Angling Society can fish at the Main Lake at Hinchingbrooke Country Park

  • Fishing is permitted from 16 June to 14 March inclusive

  • Anglers must hold a valid Environment Agency fishing licence

  • Fishing is from marked swims only

  • Anglers targeting pike and carp should use a suitable landing net and unhooking mat

  • Fishing for pike is permitted only from 1 October to 14 March inclusive

  • To keep fish safe and only use keepnets for 3 hours maximum

  • All fish should be returned alive to the lake or brook

  • Night fishing is only permitted in exceptional circumstances

  • To use the park in harmony with all other users - dogs should be under close control

  • To respect the wildlife, the environment and other users

  • To take all litter home including tangled line and discarded tackle

  • To not leave baited rods unattended or unused bait on the bankside.

Thank you for being a responsible angler and respecting the country park.

Safety first

We hope you enjoy your visit to Hinchingbrooke Country Park, but please remember:

  • The water is very deep and cold. It is untreated and there is a risk of infection including Weil's Disease (Leptospirosis).

  • Never attempt to swim in the lakes. Swimming is permitted only by supervised and authorised groups with prior, written agreement from Rangers.

  • Boating is not permitted on the lakes.

  • For the safety of the dogs and the angler, dog walkers are requested to keep dogs under control and away from fishermen and their kit and bait.

Useful contacts

  • Hinchingbrooke Country Park (not 24 hours): Call 01480 388666

  • Huntingdonshire District Council: Call 01480 388388

  • Emergency Services (in the event of an emergency): Call 999

  • Environment Agency (illegal fishing 24 hr incident hotline): Call 0800 807060