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Street sports

Street Sports are informal sports activities for 11 to 19-year-olds. They are free to attend and include sports such as football, dodgeball, and cricket.

U Canoe

U Canoe gives students the chance to try canoeing within a swimming pool using inflatable canoes.

School sport

We work closely with local schools across the district to help promote sport.

Under 5s programme

Our programme helps those under 5 to develop a range of key physical skills and help social development.

Other activities for young people

Our physical activity delivery is flexible and adapts to the needs of our partners and the communities we work with to ensure we get more young people active across the district. Such activities include a boxing club and working with a home school group.

Parish council multi-sport sessions

We work in partnership with parish councils across the district to deliver free multi-sport sessions to children of primary age.