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Huntingdonshire District Council is seeking comments from residents and interested groups on a review of the existing polling districts and polling places situated within the Huntingdonshire area.

We are looking for feedback on any aspect of polling districts and/or polling places currently used and invite representation and comments from interested persons, especially from an access point of view.

There is a requirement for the district council to complete a full review of all polling district and polling places at least once every four years, to make sure arrangements are as convenient as possible for any future elections or referendums.

Chief Executive and Returning Officer for the Huntingdonshire District Council, Michelle Sacks, said: "We're asking community groups and individuals to provide as much information as they can about their current polling station, including issues such as location, parking and accessibility and whether they are aware of any other suitable premises that could be used for polling duties."

The closing date for comments is 27 November 2023.

The feedback received will inform the final recommendations which will be presented to the council in February 2024.

Details of the current arrangements and how you can comment on them can be found on the Polling District and Polling Places Review 2023 page.