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Completing the CIL Project Funding Application form

There are two sections to the application form. Please ensure you complete in full sections A and B and submit the supporting information. 

Applications should be submitted using the online application form where possible.

If you experience any difficulties with completing the form or any queries about any part of it, please contact the Implementation team at

Points to consider before applying for CIL

Match-funding and support

There is limited CIL funding available in Huntingdonshire District Council’s strategic portion. The amount of CIL funding applied for should be sought to be used to achieve maximum benefit to the infrastructure delivery of the district. It is important, therefore, for applicants to have other sources of match-funding available.

Please ensure that you liaise with the relevant town/ parish council(s) for the project location and are able to provide evidence of its/their support and any match-funding.

If your project is transport-related, ensure that you liaise with Cambridgeshire County Council, as the local highways authority, to obtain support and match-funding for the project. You will need to provide evidence of this with your application.

Organisational status

Please note that to be able to allocate CIL to a project, we require a contract to completed with successful external applicants. To be able to enter into a contract with HDC, please ensure your organisation is a legal entity able to enter into such a contract, executed as a deed. Failure to provide this may result in your application being declined or allocation being withdrawn.


Please note that CIL will not be awarded for spending on VAT where VAT can be reclaimed. If VAT cannot be reclaimed it is for the applicant to ensure it has suitable other funding to cover that element. If VAT cannot be reclaimed it is at the council’s discretion as to whether VAT will be included in the project costs paid for by CIL and will be in exceptional circumstances only. This will be with prior agreement only.

Contingency costs

Including a budget for contingencies is an expected cost of most projects involving building works. Please note that budgets must include full details of contingency costs separately. Ideally we would expect these costs to be covered by other match-funding the applicant has obtained.

However, where CIL funding is being sought to cover these costs, HDC will only pay out for costs to meet contingencies where it has been proven necessary to use one – this should be agreed with us prior to its use. If a contingency budget is included in the amount sought and is not used, this will result in HDC paying out less than the total amount offered.

Land ownership

HDC will only allocate CIL where it has been established that the applicant has a legal right to undertake the project and either owns the land or leases on a long-term lease. There will be a clause in our CIL Grant Agreement which specifies that any assets may not be sold within a number of years, unless otherwise agreed by HDC, or the CIL funds may be required to be paid back.

If works relate to public highway land, the support of Cambridgeshire County Council for the project must also be obtained before applying for CIL.

Payment terms

If an allocation of CIL is offered, please note that HDC will not forward fund the project’s costs except in exceptional circumstances. Payments will ordinarily be made on completion of the project or at completion of pre-agreed project milestones. Payments will be made upon provision to HDC of satisfactory evidence that the project has been completed, for example goods receipt and photographs of the works that clearly show the completed milestone and a completion certificate, where relevant.

If you are unable to forward fund a project for which you are seeking a CIL allocation, please explain why in your application. Payments will be made on HDC’s standard payment terms, which is a 30-day payment cycle.