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Potential Industrial Action - Friday 6 October

Huntingdonshire District Council (HDC) is preparing for planned industrial action. This is for UNISON members employed by the council.

This is in relation to a pay dispute relating to the pay award for 2023/24. If the issue is not resolved, UNISON intend to take strike action on 6 October and commence an ongoing period of work to rule from Monday 9 October. 

If industrial action does go ahead, we will have to delay green bin and bulky waste collection services on Friday 6 October to allow us to prioritise collecting your household and recycling waste. Garden waste collections that were due on Friday 6 will be moved to Saturday 7 if the action is taken by UNISON.

Most of our services will be delivered as normal, and you can stay up to date with all the latest information about any disruption to services. 

It is your responsibility to ensure the correct process is followed and forms are submitted at the correct time.

View the CIL Process for information.

All planning applicants must submit Form 1: CIL Additional Information . The CIL Additional Information Guidance Note will help you complete the form.

In most cases the form will contain enough information for us to calculate the CIL liability. However, we may request further information for large or complex applications.

In circumstances where planning permission is not required, including permitted development, you must submit Form 5: Notice of Chargeable Development instead. 

If there have been any changes of circumstances regarding the information provided since the Form 1: CIL Additional Information was submitted, you should submit a new Form 1: CIL Additional Information.

A Form 2: Assumption of Liability is required.

It is recommended that this is submitted with the Form 1: CIL Additional Information Form with the planning application submission.

The form must be submitted before the commencement of the CIL-liable development or a surcharge could be imposed and the ability to pay in instalments withdrawn.

You may be able to apply for relief or exemption from CIL such as for self-build, social housing or charitable relief. See the CIL Exemptions page for more information.

Once planning permission has been granted we will issue you with a Liability Notice detailing how much CIL is payable. Details of how this is calculated are available in the Charging Schedule.

Before the commencement of the CIL-liable development you must submit the Form 6: Commencement Notice to us.

This will allow us to determine when the CIL payments are due. Failure to do so could result in a surcharge being imposed and the ability to pay in instalments withdrawn.

If there have been any changes of circumstances about the liability of the person/party paying CIL since Form 2: Assumption of Liability was submitted, you should submit a Form 4: Transfer of Assumed Liability

On receipt of a valid Form 6: Commencement Notice we will issue a Demand Notice to the person/party who has assumed liability to pay CIL.

If no-one has assumed liability to pay CIL before the Demand Notice is issued, the liability defaults to the owner(s) of the land.

The Demand Notice will set out the amount of CIL payable, payment options and due dates. As noted at Stage 2, if a Form 2: Assumption of Liability has not been submitted, a surcharge could be imposed and the ability to pay in instalments withdrawn.

If the calculated CIL payment due is less than £50 it is treated as zero rated and does not need to be paid.

Appeals can be made against all aspects of the CIL collection and enforcement system . There are two exceptions where an appeal system does not exist: social housing relief and exceptional circumstances relief.

CIL Appeal Procedure

CIL Appeal advice pages

Non-payment of CIL or failing to follow the procedures outlined above may result in you having to pay a surcharge.

Details can be found in our document Consequences of Non Payment of CIL or Failing to Follow CIL Procedures.

If you have any questions, contact the CIL Team.