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Planning Application Amendments

In order to ensure timely decision-making for all our applicants, the planning department (Development Services) will not accept amendments to planning applications.

Once a planning application is made valid it will be publicly available on our Public Access webpages with full details of expected timescales for determination, within statutory timescales.

Please continue to monitor the Public Access webpages for updates including consultee responses to a planning application.

Planning decision appeals are dealt with by the Planning Inspectorate, an independent government agency.

Before you make an appeal, we recommend you first discuss the reasons for refusal with the planning officer handling your case, as a revised application may be acceptable.

Who can appeal?

Only the person who made the planning application (or their planning agent) can make an appeal. 

What and how can I appeal?

Full guidance on making an appeal can be found on the government website along with the appeal forms.

You can submit an appeal online via the Appeals Casework Portal or you can call their helpline on 0303 4445000 and they will send you the relevant forms.

How do I view or comment on an appeal?

You can view guidanceexisting appeals and comment on an appeal online via the Appeals Casework Portal.