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Huntingdonshire District Council is calling all young artists to take part in a recycling poster competition that could see the winner(s) have their artwork printed and installed onto one of our collection vehicles.

The competition opens on Monday 5 June and closes on Monday 10 July.

There are two age categories for the competition:

  • category A: ages 3-6 years inclusive

  • category B: ages 7-11 years inclusive.

Use bold and bright pens and pencils and A4 landscape paper and email your artwork to 

The winner(s) will also be invited to visit our depot and be one of the first to see their designs on the side of our collection trucks.

From January to April, the content of over 3,800 blue recyclable bins was sent to a landfill as their contents were not fully recyclable or contained black sacks.

This number equates to roughly 33,000 kg. We are estimating that this emitted between 23,1 - 56,1 tonnes of CO2. 1 tonne of CO2 is equivalent to the production of almost 14,000 chicken fillets, or even heating a 25m2 apartment for one year. 50 tonnes of CO2 are the equivalent of driving for over 188 000 miles in a Compact MPV (Fiat 500L type of car) which is like driving around the world 7.5 times. This can be reduced simply by recycling correctly.

If you are looking for some inspiration for a poster then here are some key challenges our district is facing which can also be used as creative suggestions:

  • black sacks don't go in the recycling bins (which is typically the blue bin)

  • polystyrene, textile, wood, and food don't go in the recycling bins

  • soiled recyclable materials (usually from food).

Executive Councillor for Leisure, Waste and Street Scene, Councillor Simone Taylor, said:

"The contamination of the recycling bins is one of our principles challenges here in Huntingdonshire and in the UK in general, where we often have black sacks, textiles, or polystyrene causing the issue.

"At HDC we are committed to creating a better Huntingdonshire for future residents by lowering our carbon emissions.

"We are keen to see what the children will create to help us educate our residents."

Check if you are recycling properly.