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An upcoming training course, that levy payers get at a greatly reduced rate!

As part of our ongoing commitment to support businesses within Huntingdon town centre, we would like to offer this discounted course to our levy payers, to support them as businesses and their employees' training and development.

Personal Licence Qualification

9am - 5pm on 13 September 2023

To support the Huntingdon night economy and other business needs within the town, BID Huntingdon First and HBAC are offering a one-day personal licensing course to businesses in Huntingdon.

These courses would normally be sold at £140 (+VAT) per person, but are being offered to BID levy payers at the greatly reduced price of just £80 (+VAT) per person or, if you are not part of BID Huntingdon, £100 (+ VAT).

They're a great way of supporting staff retention through training, especially with hospitality being a difficult recruitment area at the minute. Show your staff some love!

Non-levy payers are welcome to attend for the good of the wider community.

The course is open to ALL businesses in Huntingdon that have a required need for a licence holder per premise. You may already have a DPS (Designated Premises Supervisor) in place, however, our aim is to educate as many of your staff as we can in licence conditions to make our town as strong as it can be in terms of upholding the requirements of the law.

Premises licences are also required for venues that offer any type of alcoholic drink as a gift or supplement to any customer on their premises.

Such as:

  • a hair salon that offers drinks to customers

  • beauty parlours that offer champagne to guests having treatments

  • do you offer a complimentary drink to guests who browse your goods? or are they offered drinks during the signing of the paperwork?

In the eyes of the law, it could be conceived that the drink is 'sold' as a condition of the price of goods or services, meaning that you do require a personal licence and a DPS within your business to do this. If in doubt, please check with the Licensing team at Huntingdon District Council.

The course is open on a first come first served basis. We would recommend no more than two delegates from each business be put forward to attend. If you do think that you would like more to attend, please email, as we have some spaces spare.

Training handbooks will be made available on the day at a price of £10 per book. This is not a requirement of the course, nor a requirement to have to apply for a personal licence, they are just handy reference tools to have available within your business.

Once attendees have successfully completed the Personal Licence Course they/you will still need to apply for a personal licence through your local council (Huntingdon District Council). The training providers, Inn-Dispensable, offer this as a service at a cost of £75 per person. Please note, it is not compulsory that you use their service - you are able to apply on your own behalf.

BID Huntingdon First and HBAC are funding the reduction in course price to ensure that we have a brighter safer town for us all to live, work and enjoy.