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We are a CIL Charging Authority and have a statutory duty in regard to this. Any paperwork should be emailed to

All payments can be made by Bacs on our Payments page.

How much will I have to pay?

Our CIL rates are set out in the Charging Schedule [PDF, 1.5MB]. This Charging Schedule came into force on 1 May 2012.

The rates for each class use after indexation for 2024 are:

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Proposed charge for development types 


Charge per square metre 2012


Charging Schedule Index (lc)


RICS CIL Indexation 2023 (ly)


Charge per Sqm


All development types unless stated otherwise in this table £85 (standard rate) 223 381 £145.22
All A Class uses 500 sq m or less £40 223 381 £68.34
All A Class uses >500 sq m £100 223 381 £170.85
All Class C1 uses £60 223 381 £102.51
All Class C2 £45 223 381 £76.88
Health (D1) £65 223 381 £111.05
Business (B1), General Industrial, Storage and Distribution (B2 and B8), Community uses* (within D1 - except Health uses - and D2) and Agricultural £0 223 381 £0

(*) Community uses are ones provided by public, not-for-profit or charitable sectors.

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes, we allow payments to be spread over long periods. View our CIL Instalment Policy [PDF, 34Kb] for more details.

Please note that this Instalment Policy will not be available if an Assumption of Liability Notice and Commencement Notice are not provided before the relevant development commences or if payments are not made in time.

What happens if I don't pay CIL?

If CIL remains unpaid we may impose surcharges and take action to recover the debt, as stated in the CIL Regulations.

How is CIL calculated?

CIL charges will be calculated in accordance with CIL Regulation 40 (as amended). The chargeable amount will be equal to the total of the amounts of CIL chargeable at each of the relevant rates as set out in the charging schedule multiplied by the deemed net area chargeable measured.

Mixed use class development will be charged for the gross internal area of each use class, a plan must be provided to clearly show each use class as approved.

Use Class E development will be charged at the use class as specified in the schedule to use classes order on 31 August 2020.

For example, the CIL rates for a specific use, such as B1 offices (which became part of the Commercial, Business and Service use class E from 1 September 2020) should continue to be applied to office development previously categorised within Use Class B1. Similarly, if a CIL rate has been applied to A1-A5 Use Classes prior to 1 September 2020, that rate should remain applicable to the development uses previously contained within the A1-A5 Use Classes.

There is the ability to offset existing floor space on change of use, and demolition of existing buildings, if they are, or have been in use at least 6 months within the 3 years prior to the permission date.

The chargeable amount will be index-linked using the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors’ All-in Tender Price Index figures for the year in which the planning permission is granted and the year in which this charging schedule took effect, ie 1 May 2012 in Huntingdonshire.

What is included as 'CIL chargeable floorspace'?

The area, measured as the gross internal area (GIA), is per floor and includes all buildings including garages.

Request a review of the chargeable calculation

If you would like a review of the calculation on your Liability Notice, please complete and submit a R113 Review Form.

Submit the R113 Review Form Online
Download the R113 Review Form