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Biodiversity Net Gain

From Monday 12 February 2024 all major applications must be accompanied by a Biodiversity Net Gain Assessment via the latest version of the DEFRA Biodiversity Metric spreadsheet. This must be supplied to make a valid submission.

The Outline and Full application validation checklists have been updated to reflect this.

Planning Application Amendments

In order to ensure timely decision-making for all our applicants, the planning department (Development Services) will not accept amendments to planning applications.  Once a planning application is made valid it will be publicly available on our Public Access webpages with full details of expected timescales for determination, within statutory timescales.

Please continue to monitor the Public Access webpages for updates including consultee responses to a planning application.

Check if you need permission

Before you apply for planning permission to make changes to your home, you can check if you need permission as many types of householder development fall within the permitted development legislation. If, after researching this, you are still unsure if your development requires permission or not you can apply for a certificate of lawfulness to get confirmation. 

What to submit

If you’re planning to build an extension or carry out other householder development that requires a planning application, you will need to submit valid documentation.

A householder application would include, but not be limited to, the documents below:

Our planning guide also has useful information on plans to submit.

You may also need to submit a:

How to apply

Before you apply for planning permission for a listed building or new development we encourage you to get pre-application advice.

You can get general householder development guidance and also view our local requirements and householder application checklist before completing an application via the Planning Portal. You will need to complete the online form, upload supporting documents and pay the correct fee.

When applying online you will get an immediate confirmation on screen, step-by-step help and online advice, and an online record of all your applications.

After you have applied

Once you have applied for permission your application will go through the planning process.